Sometime last year I moved over to Chrome. I wasn't very happy with it, but I stuck with it until some specifics pushed me back to Firefox. I still hate how Chrome handles lots of open tabs (no overflow). Also, I got to a point at around 200 open tabs where I had to ulimit from the command line and start Chrome from there. I wanted to go back to supporting something more open source and with more options to tweak... so back to Firefox.

I was having issues managing multiple Google accounts with Chrome--some issues had been outstanding for at least a year. I would be asked to select which account I wanted to use to access a file on Google Drive. I would select. I would be presented with the same selection dialog again (and again).

To solve that with firefox I used "firefox -P" to create a work and home profile. I start them both with commands like "firefox -P Work -no-remote". Also, I changed ~/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini to StartWithLastProfile=0. The biggest annoyance is that I can't drag tabs over from "Work" to "Home". To signal which are my Home browsers I added a file into .mozilla/firefox/*Work/chrome. You may have to create the chrome directory. The file is userChrome.css:

#TabsToolbar {
-moz-box-ordinal-group: 3 !important;
margin: 0 !important;
padding: 0 !important;
background: transparent !important;

menubar, toolbar, nav-bar, #TabsToolbar > *{
  background-color: #48688F !important;

Now, the add-on line-up has changed some also:

Blender Blender changes your UA string to make you blend in.

Browser Sanitizer This is a small script to turn off insecure ciphers, turn off WebRTC, and perform a few tweaks I prefer.

Certificate Patrol Certificate Patrol keeps up with certificates on the sites you visit so it can warn you if the certificate changes. This might prevent an MitM attack.

DuckDuckGo Plus Use a search engine that respects your privacy.

Firebug I still have to debug HTML and CSS, and this is the best way with Firefox.

Ghostery Well, it seems like beeftaco is incompatible with a lot of other plugins, so I've had to switch to Ghostery. I don't have a super strong opinion at this point.

HTTPS-Everywhere EFF is awesome. This is great. Help to convert over to an HTTPS web.

Linky Linky converts URLs on the page to links. Useful.

Self-Destructing Cookies Cleans up after sites when you leave them. Anything to help prevent tracking.

µBlock It's faster than AdBlock Edge, which is great.

I've also converted over to Firefox on Android. Many of these add-ons will install on the Android version. One notable exception is µBlock. Some work has been done, but its too beta. You'll have to use an AdBlock variant unfortunately.

Firefox offers a Sync service to make it easy to transition your current browsing from one device to another. They say that their servers can't read the data that you send them via Sync. Fortunately, you can run your own Sync server without a lot of effort. I recommend going that route.

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