Firefox Update 2015 2015-03-07

Sometime last year I moved over to Chrome. I wasn't very happy with it, but I stuck with it until some specifics pushed me back to Firefox. I still hate how Chrome handles lots of open tabs (no overflow). Also, I got to a point at around 200 open tabs where I had to ulimit from the command line and start Chrome from there. I wanted to go back to supporting something more open source and with more options to tweak... so back to Firefox.

I was having issues managing multiple Google accounts with Chrome--some issues had been outstanding for at least a year. I would be asked to select which account I wanted to use to access a file on Google Drive. I would select. I would be presented with the same selection dialog again (and again).

To solve that with firefox I used "firefox -P" to create a work and home profile. I start them both with commands like "firefox -P Work -no-remote". Also, I changed ~/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini to StartWithLastProfile=0. The biggest annoyance is that I can't drag tabs over from "Work" to "Home". To signal which are my Home browsers I added a file into .mozilla/firefox/*Work/chrome. You may have to create the chrome directory. The file is userChrome.css:

#TabsToolbar {
-moz-box-ordinal-group: 3 !important;
margin: 0 !important;
padding: 0 !important;
background: transparent !important;

menubar, toolbar, nav-bar, #TabsToolbar > *{
  background-color: #48688F !important;

Firefox, My Add-on Picks 2014-02-17

Well, I made the leap back to Firefox. I need more control than Chrome is giving me, and I don't entirely trust the Chrome security model anymore. So, it was time to put some work into changing that. Additionally, I'm on a slow internet connection and FF has an option to only load tabs when they're viewed. Chrome takes forever to spin up, and I have to free up bandwidth for it or it starts to complain. And there's nothing worse than opening your browser in a hotel and hitting a captive portal--having all your tabs hit the same captive portal. Very painful. So, FF. Here are the add-ons I use:

Adblock Edge Adblock plus is compromised. The edge version adds all the blocking that should really be there (blocking Google). When you install it, make sure you add the EasyPrivacy filter list.

Beef Taco blocks advertising cookies. Don't want them, don't need them.

Request Policy controls cross-site requests. This is a really simple way to stop suspicioius site behavior.

NoScript Well, NoScript is probably the most limiting choice on the list. This will change how the web looks for better or worse. With time, the sites you regularly visit can be fixed. It's a pain point, but worth the effort.

HTTPS Everywhere Unless there's a good reason, a site should be SSL enabled. HTTPS Everywhere uses SSL where it is available. Thanks EFF.

Blender randomizes your browser string so that a site can't identify what you're using. One less data point to be monetized.

Plex Media Server on FreeBSD 10 Part 2 2014-01-18

Put the from FreeBSD9 in place

  • Download a copy of from FreeBSD9 for use. One is available here.
  • mkdir -p /usr/local/lib/compat
  • Place the file into the compat directory.

Install Plex Media Server

  • cd /usr/ports/multimedia/plexmediaserver; make install clean
  • If you have any problems with the port, update your ports.

Create a libmap.conf file to map requests from PMS to compat/

  • mkdir /usr/local/etc/libmap.d
  • Create /usr/local/etc/libmap.d/plexmediaserver.conf with these contents:
    [/usr/local/share/plexmediaserver/]       compat/
    [/usr/local/plexdata/]       compat/
  • You can run ldd on files in /usr/local/share/plexmediaserver to see the new mapping in place.

Start up PMS.

Getting Plex Media Server Running on FreeBSD10 2013-12-31

First get the package installed.

  • Download the latest FreeBSD release from Plex's website.
  • Place the file in /usr/ports/distfiles.
  • Edit /usr/ports/multimedia/plexmediaserver/{Makefile,distinfo} to update the PORTVERSION, PLEX_BUILD, SHA256, and SIZE
  • Install the package.

Fix the libraries bundled with PMS

  • You need a copy of /lib/ from a FreeBSD 9 machine. You can grab one here.
  • Place this file into /usr/local/share/plexmediaserver as
  • cd /usr/local/share/plexmediaserver
  • sed -i pre -e 's/' .so. libpythonso Plex; rm *pre
  • cd Resources/Python/bin; sed -i pre -e 's/' python; rm *pre

Start up the server.

  • service plexmediaserver start
  • You can ps ax | grep Plex to confirm that the Server, DLNA, and Plugins are all running.